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The binders have been a life safer. Teaching at a school with little money or resources these labs have been great! The layout is fantastic. My favorite part is the "dummy data" make-up lab that is provided for each lab in the binder.
MacKenzie O. ND, Chemistry, Physical Science

I have been teaching chemistry for 38 years and these are the best I've seen!
Ted F. TN, Chemistry

Your binders have really helped me in my first year of teaching Chemistry, with the one page design and one period completion streamlining my planning and allocation of paper supplies. The simplified and concise directions have been especially helpful for my nearly 50% English Language Learner population. I was rewriting every lab I did from the textbook until I found your binders. Your labs reinforce the main concepts and standards much better than the textbook versions. I can't wait until next year when things are even easier because I boxed up most of the labs so they are ready to go for next year with zero prep time! Thanks!
Sandy H. CA, Chemistry

A must for every chemistry teacher.There are many books that promise labs that are easy to set up and inexpensive to use. However this book lives up to that promise!
Kimette W. SC, Chemistry

I have used many of the labs in binder 1 and binder 2. They have been a great resource to have in my classroom.
Laura C. IN, Chemistry

A must have for every chemistry teacher! All the labs in the binders are quick to set up and can be placed into a container to use from year to year.
Annette M. IN, Chemistry

This is the best resource I have found in years! Thanks for a product that is truly teacher friendly!
Michele S. CA, Chemistry/Biology

I love the binders. A wonderful resource to have.
Shawn S. KY, Chemistry

Thanks to your labs my students and I are enjoying the additional lab days!
Felix M. Canada, Chemistry/Physics

A well-written product. Ready to copy and easy to set-up. Wonderful use of household materials.
Paul R. MI, Chemistry

I used the binders to make my own kits. It saved our science budget hundreds of dollars!
Laura W. IN, Chemistry

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