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Make Your Own Kit

Save the Science Budget........

Labs in chemistry binders 1 and 2 are easily put together as a kit using:

  • Household materials
  • Items in chemical storeroom

Physical & Chemical Properties of Peanut Brittle
A large paper box stored separately from all other chemistry kits. The box contains measuring cups, pans, wooden spoons, heavy duty aluminum foil, non-stick cooking spray. The edible ingredients are purchased new each year.

Qualitative & Quantitative Observations
A medium size box containing rulers, scissors, aluminum foil, bottles of copper II chloride and copper II sulfate solutions.

Peanut Identification
A large zip lock bag containing peanuts, 35 small pieces of string, 35 small rulers.

Precision and Accuracy
Six small trash cans to use as targets. Scrap paper.

Separation of a Mixture
A large box containing six 500 gram large mouth plastic bottles of pebbles, salt and sand. Wire screens, filter paper and small plastic scoops.

Density of Liquids
A paper box containing purple dish soap, pancake syrup and wintergreen rubbing alcohol.

Density of Solids
A small box containing rocks, nails, metals cubes, metal cylinders, rulers.

Measurement & Graphing
15 meter sticks, 15 large rulers, colored pencils for graph.

Cut-Paste Dimensional Analysis
A medium size box containing glue sticks, scissors and copies of the cut-out sheet.

Number of Aluminum Atoms
A medium size box containing aluminum cylinders, regular and heavy duty aluminum foil and plastic graduated cylinders.
Calculating Average Atomic Mass
A medium size box containing large zip lock bags of pinto, navy and kidney beans. Eight small zip lock bags containing "bean sample". Weighing dishes labeled kidney, pinto and navy.

Element Investigation
A small box containing 20 test tubes/caps containing element samples. Copies of the Element Information Data Sheets.

Writing Ionic Formula
A medium size box containing glue sticks, scissors and copies of the cut-out sheets.

Nomenclature and Household Items
A paper box containing the 12 household items in their commercial containers. See Teacher Notes on Free Download of this lab.

Avogadro & The Mole
A small box containing 12 sample bottles of the compound or elements.

Percent Water of a Hydrated Compound
Fine crystals of Copper II sulfate pentahydrate, crucibles and aluminum foil

Formula of a Hydrated Compound
Epsom salt, crucibles and aluminum foil

Types of Chemical Reactions
A medium size box containing 60-mL dropper bottles of all solutions and small plastic bottles of all solids. See Teacher Notes on Free Download of this lab.

Precipitation Reactions
A large paper box containing six dropper bottle boxes. The dropper bottles inside the box are 60-mL bottles filled with solutions required for the lab. Acetate Sheets and Drop chart from lab copy.

Observation of Limiting Reagent
A medium size box containing rulers, scissors, magnesium ribbon and a bottle of 3Molar hydrochloric acid solution.

Percent Yield of Chalk
A medium size box containing wide mouth plastic bottles of sodium carbonate and calcium chloride. Filter paper.

Introduction to Gas Laws
A medium size box containing balloons, candles, matches, aluminum cans and aluminum foil.

Flame Test for Metallic Ions
A medium size box containing 7 plastic containers of the compounds or the solutions. Nichrome wires and wooden splints.

Penny Alloy
I do not keep this in a kit but it could be! A box containing a zip lock bag of pennies, small plastic bottle of mossy zinc, small plastic bottle of powdered zinc and a plastic bottle of 3 Molar NaOH solution.

Electron Dart Probability
A medium size box with darts and 8 insulation foam boards cut to 8x11 paper size. Copies of the dart target.

Light, Energy and Electrons
A paper box containing Wint-O-Green lifesavers, pliers, rock/mineral samples, fluorescent poster board, glow sticks. Flinn Energetic Light Kit Four black lights.

Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids
A medium size box containing strips of metals, magnets, conductivity testers and labeled test tubes.

Electron Configuration and Periodicity
A small box containing the labeled screw top test tubes of element samples.

Ionic and Covalent Household Compounds
Eight plastic sample bottles containing the household compounds. Conductivity testers.

Balloon Molecular Geometry
No kit. Keep a several bags of 9in balloons of assorted colors.

Hybridization and Model Building
Wooden Ball & Stick Model Kits

Sugar Density Column
A large paper box containing bags of sugar, food coloring, 250-mL plastic graduated cylinders and funnel/tubing with clamp set-up.

Types of Solutions
No kit necessary. Sodium acetate crystals and std. lab equipment.

Solution Formation
A medium size box containing food coloring, box of sugar cubes, zip lock bags of large, medium and small copper II sulfate crystals and a zip lock bag of rock salt.

Colligative Properties of Ice Cream Lab
A large paper box of foam cups, plastic spoons, measuring cups, boxes of gallon and quart size zip lock bags. Buy edible ingredients new every year.

States of Matter: Fun with Cornstarch
A paper box with 10-12 boxes of cornstarch, large plastic scoops and metal spatulas. Six to ten cafeteria trays.

Litmus and pH Paper
A large paper box containing commercial bottles of samples to be tested, zip lock bags of blue and red litmus paper, pH paper, pH charts.

Introduction to Titration
No kit necessary. Keep base and acid concentrations available in storeroom.

Standardization of NaOH
No kit necessary. Keep bottles of phenolphthalein, base and KHP readily available in storeroom.

Percent Acetic Acid
No kit necessary. Keep bottles of phenolphthalein, base and vinegar readily available in storeroom.

Is it mono, di or triprotic?
A zip lock bag containing three plastic bottles of the unknown acid. Keep bottles of phenolphthalein and base readily available in storeroom.

Surface Tension of Water
A paper box containing plastic cups, string, 2-L bottle, fork, paper clips, two test tubes, test tube with screen, food coloring, plastic strawberry basket, dish soap.

Heat of Fusion of Ice
No kit necessary. Keep foam cups readily available in lab.

Specific Heat of Metal
No kit necessary. Keep foam cups readily available in lab. Cylinders of copper.

Heat of Neutralization Lab
No kit necessary. Keep foam cups readily available in lab. Keep acid and base solutions readily available in storeroom.

Boyle's Law
A paper box containing 2-L bottle/syringe set up. Tire gauges. Tire pumps.

Fun with Polymers
A paper box containing small paper cups, food coloring, glue, wooden tongue depressors, zip lock bags. 1-L plastic bottle of borax solution and of PVA solution.

Additional Kit Tips:
The paper boxes that school shipments of paper come in make great boxes to use as kits. Medium and small size boxes I recycle from things I order from various vendors.

Keep the following items stocked in drawers throughout the year:

glue sticks, markers, crayons, scissors, foam cups, balloons and food coloring.

Keep the following items stocked in household section of storeroom:

aluminum foil, sand, table salt, table sugar, small rocks, cornstarch, Epsom salt, rock salt, candles, matches, dish soap,baking soda etc.

Keep the following solutions well stocked in the chemical storeroom:
NaOH-0.25 M, 0.50 M, 1.0 M
HCl - 0.25 M, 0.50 M. 1.0 M

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