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How To Use

The "teacher friendly" format allows the busy chemistry teacher the ability to provide a hands-on learning environment with little teacher preparation time and few materials. Labs can be used in direct instruction, project-based learning units, part of a learning cycle or as an assessment.

  • Warm-up to engage
  • Lab to explore
  • Literacy activity for explanation
  • Lab Quiz for formal/informal evaluation
  • Follow with inquiry/problem lab for a performance assessment!

Lab Sheet:

  • Students pick up their papers for the day as they enter the room.
  • Student read lab background and answer specified conclusion questions.
  • Background serves as "essential content" information for the day.

Students on task at the start of class! Teacher can take attendance.

Make-up Sheets:
  • Lab Make-up sheets are photocopied (set of 20) and placed into a large 3-ring binder.
  • Binders are labeled 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Nine Weeks
  • Labs are placed between dividers and in order of Content Lab Syllabus
Students are responsible for picking up lab sheet!

Lab Quiz:

  • Use as an exit slip - formal/informal assessment.
  • Next day warm-up - review/assess prior knowledge.
  • Use as a scheduled quiz or pop quiz.

Lab Quiz on one side and a writing assignment or worksheet on the other side and you have Bell to Bell instruction!

Teacher Set-up Notes:

  • Use teacher set-up notes to package the lab as a kit.
  • Give student helper teacher notes to set up lab using the kit.
  • Use teaching tips to guide discussion before, during and after lab.

Do it once and use it for years to come!

Lab Answer Key:

  • Lab answer key is highlighted for specific answers.
  • A check place by each answer to be graded.
  • Front of lab sheet states the number of points deducted for wrong answer.
Lab key is used by teacher or helper.

Make Your Own Kit:
Many of the labs provided in binders 1 and 2 can be set up as a kit made from materials readily available from the chemical storeroom or from the dollar store, Wal-mart, Lowes, etc. 

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