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The PDF and WORD Files of Binders 1 and Binders 2 contain all Labs in the Binders PLUS...

  • Follow-up Inquiry/Problem Based Labs
  • Answer Keys to All Lab Quizzes
  • Additional Teaching Notes/Tips
  • Sample Lesson Plan
  • Game Cards and Ideas
PDF File
Print as Needed

Binder 1 PDF     31 Labs, 17 Inquiry/Problem Follow-up Labs

Binder 2 PDF     25 Labs, 27 Inquiry/Problem Follow-up Labs

WORD and PDF File   See Editing Terms Below
Edit and Customize

Binder 1 WORD    31 Labs, 17 Inquiry/Problem Follow-up Labs

Binder 2 WORD     25 Labs, 27 Inquiry/Problem Follow-up Labs

You will receive an email within 24 hours with file information.

Usage of PDF and WORD Files:

The classroom teacher purchasing the CD-ROM or Download Files has permission to make copies for their classroom. Permission is granted only to the teacher purchasing the files or CD-ROM. Word documents may be edited as long as the copyright notice is left intact. The PDF/WORD Files have been copyrighted. No one may resale or distribute the files electronically or by hard copy.

Teachers may not save files to a share drive or post files on school websites where they can be accessed by others.

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